About Us

100 pics is the biggest free picture trivia game developed by Poptacular and available for Android and IOS users. The game is adapted for use on mobile phones, tablets and IPads. It is an interesting game that you will never get bored of and will offer a challenge every time you play.

About the game

The game has more than 100 quiz categories. These include quizzes related to certain years or certain people. You can find quizzes about different actors, actresses, album covers, animals, architecture, word initials, birds, bugs, books, body parts, candy, cartoon characters, catchphrases, events, countries, hobbies, emojis, experiences, expressions, fairy tales, fashion, fictional places, film and food logos, flags, footwear, cars, gadgets, game shows, games, history, instruments, icons, era movies, sports, materials, music videos, pixel characters, parties, parenting, signs, random pictures, science, sci fi, sea life, shapes, shadows, slogans, song lyrics, space, technology, transportation, TV, video games, vacation, weather and weddings.

The questions start with very easy questions that won’t take a minute to answer. As you advance in the game you will see that the quizzes start to get difficult. There are more than 10 000 pictures to play; all are used in different quizzes categories. There are more than 100 quizzes categories available for play on the game. New game pack categories are added all the time. Once you install the new update, you will be automatically exposed to more categories packed with questions for different levels.

All you have to do is to identify the picture or the photo to win coins. The less guesses the more coins you win and this is how you progress in the game. You can use these coins for hints and to get more quizzes packs. You will get a free pack everyday, when you come back to play the game. It is highly addictive and so much fun. You will use a lot of mental skills and you will exercise your brain to remember and make connections as you play this fun game. This game is available for all ages and is suitable for all levels. A child can easily play an easy category like “A is for…” and guess the word. Or you can choose a more specific category that you especially excel at.

What are the different quizzes packs?

You can guess through logo based packs like food, holidays, bands and movies. Or you can play an emojis pack that is related to different themes like Christmas and Movies.

You can also enjoy season packs like winter, spring, summer and autumn packs. The game offers special packs for Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas.

If you are a star spotter you can guess pictures related to movies, movie villains, movie quotes and Oscar winners.

Food lovers will love to guess questions related to baking, cooking, candy, desserts, food logos in addition to fruit and vegetables.

History lovers will love questions about different history facts and figures. You can also play country related packs for specific questions.

About Poptacular

This developer offers a lot of other interesting games that appeal to people of different ages and interests:

  1. Crossy Words:
    This is the most favored game by word nerds. You can easily find the hidden words using pictures for clues. You get to solve more than 1000 levels that start so easy with a 2X2 grid and get more challenging as you progress in the game. You can reach up to 10X10 grids that will challenge even the world’s biggest brains. It is better than all free word puzzles games because it comes with pictures that will double the fun.
  2. iSpy:This game is fun to play with friends. This augmented reality game allows you to take a picture and send it to friends, the first friend to guess the answer wins and then it is their turn to take a picture and play. You can challenge your friends using SMS, emails, social media or massaging apps. You can easily send clues to your friends if they get stuck. You can also get clues to guess the hidden object. And you will win coins every time your guess is right.

    This game has more than 1000 user generated levels with more than 100 challenges added every day.

  3. Word Wizard:This is a free fun game that can be quite addictive. You can invite your Facebook friends for a game or spell your way through the game. Turn opponents’ letters into your own to win and use potions to erase the wrong words and try again. This game is suitable for all ages because you can come up with easy and short words that would be as useful as the long ones. You can play multiple matches at the same time and you will always find someone online to play with. You can also chat with other players through the game’s built in chat feature.